The language of ties


Théâtre Organic and Los Afinados present

A burlesque show written and directed by Sophie Gazel with Judit Martin, Pablo Contestabile and Sergi Estebanell


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« Three singular and burlesque characters, in their own way, will go through the absurd and competitive universe of the world of work. Everything starts in the minimalist setting of a white room where a catchy music is broadcasted and where those three characters will be left to their own devices in an endless wait. Who are they? Why are they here? Why nobody takes care of them? What’s going to happen and how long can they support this situation? »

In society everyone wears a mask, a costume, a «tie» and it’s truer in the world of work, where we spend the most important part of our time. The first idea of this project was to start working from typical behaviors, codes and languages that the human being uses in his professional environment, and to provoke a singular and burlesque situation to progressively unmask them, make them «take of the tie » and reveal the humanity, the weaknesses and the poetry that anyone possess and which all of us want to hide.


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Los Afinados is a French, Spanish, Catalan and Argentinean colective, gather around a same artistic language of burlesque and physical theater. Sophie Gazel, Pablo Contestabile met Sergi Estebannel in 2001 in France during the creation of “Où va la lumière quand il fait noir?” a clown show they toured in diferent regions in France and spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Galicia, Ibiza, Avignon, Hyères…). In 2011 the group re-forms ang grews up with the arrival of Judit Martin to create “Le langage des cravates”.





Cie LOS AFINADOS / A Théâtre Organic production

[thb_highlight]Play writer and director:[/thb_highlight]






[thb_highlight]Light manager:[/thb_highlight]

Thierry Guisti


Enric Naudi Bonet

[thb_highlight]Construction of scenography:[/thb_highlight]

Enric Naudi Bonet / Josep Berenguel

[thb_highlight]Voice Off:[/thb_highlight]

Núria Torreblanca


Diana Rutkus


Julien Barazer




August 01-15, 2014

(France / 8 shows)

August 07-14, 2013

(France / 7 shows)

On tour, RED Alternative Theatres in Spain:

Saturday  19th and Sunday  20th January 2013


Saturday  1rst and Sunday 2nd December 2012


Thursday 22th, Friday 23, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25 November 2012

TEATRE DEL MAR (Palma de Mallorca)

Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November 2012

SALA CERO (Sevilla)  


February 02-19, 2012




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Diffusion contact:


Julien Barazer

France : (0033) 06 61 84 96 86  / Argentina : (0054) 15 6742 9550

Technical data sheet, on demand

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