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Jean Luc Lagarce


Director: Sophie Gazel

With: Laurence Guatarbes, PabloContestabile and Yves Buchin


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« As every night, in this town, like every other towns (…) the girl will play her little story, will do faces, skilled to do faces, will hum little song and will strike a little dancing pose. As every night, in this town like every other towns, she will tell the end of the awful day, the end of the painful day, tale of the various humiliations and vagaries.» Jean-Luc Lagarce


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On old tunes of Argentine tango and some milonga steps, in the intimacy of an old cabaret The girl and the two boys will make their sideshow. However this night, is not like every other nights; while they protect themselves beneath dignified enough dance steps, they contemplate the loss of control of their destiny… This night, that’s their artist lives they tell, life at all costs, with or without audience.

One night, outside the train station of Besançon (Doubs), I’ve seen under the snow, carrying his luggage and abandoning the idea to find a cab, the singer Ringo Willy Cat moved away, this guy married with the singer Sheila, she was a star, as we said, he sang with her when they married, “Laisse les gondoles à Venise…” – my brother and I, knew the chorus by heart – and coming for two nights, a Friday and a Saturday, to sing his old hits in this striptease club in this cold town in the east of France. The ceiling was so low – I don’t remember – the ceiling was so low the actress renounced to put her high-heel shoes afraid to touch the lights with her tortuous chignon. Behind the curtain, one time, and the subject was also about the actors, a female singer dissolved into tears, immediately the curtain fell and all the audience heard her and burst out laughing. [thb_highlight]Jean-Luc Lagarceoctobre 1989[/thb_highlight]


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  • [thb_highlight]Performances:[/thb_highlight] 1h and 05 minutes.
  • [thb_highlight]Set/Costumes:[/thb_highlight] 2 volumes conditioned in fly case (nearly 176Lbs).
  • [thb_highlight]Stage:[/thb_highlight] Sizes wanted:7 m (length) x 6 m (width) x 3 m (high), frontal representation (we can adapt the show to a smaller space).
  • [thb_highlight]Staff needed for the set construction:[/thb_highlight] 1 location manager.
  • [thb_highlight]Set construction:[/thb_highlight] 4 hours before the show, 1 hour technical rehearsal and 1 hour after the show.
  • [thb_highlight]Concerned audience:[/thb_highlight] For all audiences, suitable for children 10 and over.
  • [thb_highlight]Tour team:[/thb_highlight] 5 people Sophie Gazel (Director); Laurence Guatarbes, Yves Buchin, Pablo Contestabile (actors) and 1 light manager.
  • [thb_highlight]Lights:[/thb_highlight] Ask us for the full Worksheet and layout plan[/thb_toggle]



Captura de pantalla 2013-11-29 a la(s) 00.04.26






Laurence Guetarbes,

Yves Buchin


Pablo Contestabile


[thb_highlight]Light manager:[/thb_highlight]

Thierry Guisti


The show received the support

of the ADAMI




From July 31 to August 07 2011

(Le Monastier sur Gazeille, Rivière sur Tarn, Vias, Bormes les Mimosas, Le Lavandou, Le Dramont, Mougins)


From  February 21-25, 2011

(Le Monastier sur Gazeille, Super Besse, Le Mont Doré, Serbonnes)


From August 02-11, 2010

(Ambières les Vallées, La Richardais, Trebeurden, Chateauneuf du Faou, Nostang, Malansac, La Tranche sur Mer, Barbatre, Saint Clément Les Baleines)

From September 09 to November 25, 2010

at the theater “Essaïon”, Paris.

From January 30 to March 20, 2009

at the theater “La Boutonnière”, Paris.


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Diffusion contact


Julien Barazer

France : (0033) 6 61 84 96 86  / Argentina : (0054-9) 11 6742 9550

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